“It is the spectator, and not life, that Art really mirrors.”
Oscar Wilde

* Enjoy my inner World.

19 / 06 / 2018

Really happy to invite you for my opening tomorrow 🙂

Start: 6pm to 10:30pm

Adress: 59, rue Nationale 75013 Paris

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15 / 05 /2018

Really happy to got this article in a very famous French Art Magazine! It’s written by the Chief Editor himself! I’ll do my best to traduce this to you 🙂

“Elsa McCallister
– As are born images –
From her discreet but surprising gallery on rue Saint-Honoré, Elsa McCallister finds
the keys to seduce the large public of Parisian art lovers.
Now 29, Elsa McCallister is a disconcerting talented self-taught creator.
Passionate traveler, scenographer, photographer and graphic artist with a
sense of atmosphere that Hopper would not have shunned, she explores many
expression with unexpected ease, without ever being mistaken for a research object: at
amidst the profusion of her aesthetic intuitions, she still manages to touch right and,
essential for a young artist to give a pure, visible and clear form to her
individuality. Whether with his paintings on canvas or on panel, or more
recently with her amazing series of watercolors, she always manages to catch the eye of
collectors without getting caught up in their game. Faithful to oneself without concessions or
compromises, she delivers her sensitivity to an audience that can only be
heart by his sincerity. Her current research is a culmination: on paper she
Violently hatches the landscapes of his soul, striking by their composition
spontaneous, limpid, expressing without blinking the pangs of the human condition on the borders of
suffering, hope and tranquility, which confronted just waiting to explode
under our eyes. Dazzling in their design, simple in their complexity, honest
in their modesty: these are the nascent works of a unique being endowed with the first of
talents: the match between the hand, the eye and the heart.

Thibaud Josset”

Click for HD PDF: Elsa McCallister article peinture


SO happy to have been chosen for advertising pictures of those genius designers TIP TOE!

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08/ 03 /2018

Well, well well, I finally can tell you about this secret project I have been working on with the amazing artist: LIU BOLIN.

I had the luck to work for him with two others painters. Liu Bolin has been chosen by “La Maison Ruinart” to be the 2018 Artist and the Realease Party has been launched at the museum “Le Grand Palais“.

It’s one of the most craziest work experience I’ve ever had. I feel so blessed to have worked for an artist I admire so much.

Here is some pictures, but you also can go on the “Ruinart website“, the exhibition will last all year. If you get the chance to go there, do not hesitate. It’s something and la maison Ruinart is incredible! Try to find him here 😉

Also, here is the video “Behind the scenes


26/ 09/2017

Hey guys,

I hope you are doing gooOod because I do!

I created an ephemeral Gallery (99, rue Saint Honoré 75001 PARIS) and i would be really happy to see you there anytime 🙂

I’m there everyday from 1PM to 8PM, and you have to check this out because the place is really amazing, it’s an old dark club made of vaulted stone cellars, very old french with an inner water well.

So much to see inside (More than 50 artists, paintings, sculptures, installations, street art, digital collage, etc..) , it’s an Art world that you need to enter.

Hope to see you there soon guys 🙂

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Okay, so, I have to say, -No Judgements- I am a really big fan of TOM CRUISE.

And you know what? He came to Paris because he was shooting “MI:6” and it’s the first time that he speaks in this very popular french show “QUOTIDIEN” and I had the chance to see him and offered him this little baby, kinda a freedom of the saoul representation with watercolors.. Voilà, I just needed to speak about this BIG event for me 🙂


“Armons nos esprits”

Projet: “Urban Art” – Décorer Paris.

-Work in Progress-


Well, well, well, happy new years to all of you guys!! I hope this one is gonna bring you love and freedom.

For my part, something new happened in my Art direction.

I actually was waiting for painting equipment to arrive in Paris, and it took a loooot of time to get there, so i decided to test stuff with my little watercolor box.

I let you discover it in the section: “Gallery” … suspens …







Expo Paname Art Café – (Paris)

Very happy to present my Chakras collection.

  • How color influences our state of mind on a daily basis and their therapeutic effects.
  • The connection between colors and chakras.
  • The symbolism of colors.

Really lucky to had my Dad helping me for the installation. <3








Work in Progress.


Next exhibition will take place at Paname Art Café (Paris – France)

  • Date: From November 24th to December 7th, 2016.
  • Adress: 14, Rue de la Fontaine au Roi – 75011 PARIS
  • Opening rdv: Thursday 24th of November 2016 / 7:30PM / Will be a pleasure to see you there.



Charroux exhibition – This village is classified as one of the most beautiful in France. If you go in Auvergne, the land of volcanos, step by to discover this really nice and historical place.


Exhibition in a French Castel

(Chateaugay 63)